The ability to capture images from the skies gives an interesting new perspective. From golf courses, to real-estate there is a world of possibilities.

With the rise of drone photography, it’s important to have a professional at the controls and do so responsibly and with attention to detail.


I create truly unique and dramatic images for commercial real-estate. Photos from the air highlight your property with an expanded scope and can put a property in context with it’s surroundings. Being able to highlight nearby high-traffic areas, landmarks and amenities can draw in buyers and add real value to your sales initiatives.


Photos of large-scale constructions projects can prove valuable in monitoring progress and surveying your projects. Some of the services I can offer are: Aerial 2D & 3D Orthomosaic Imaging, DEM/DSM Surface Models, Volumetric Surveys, 3D Building Models and Contour Maps.


Aerial Video can give a wow-factor to your real estate property or construction site. Through a combination of orbits, high & low level flyovers and still photography, a beautifully produced video can often bring home the sale.

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